Demmye Booras Photography | About
Demmye Booras is a fine art, nature, and travel photographer. At a very young age, Demmye began traveling with her family throughout the United States; as a result, her work reveals a love for nature, architecture, history, culture, and anything visually captivating. She loved the excitement of leaving home to see new and interesting places.

Demmye also enjoyed hearing stories from her Greek-American family members who cherished their ethnic roots as well as the opportunities afforded to them by their new home in the United States. Boxes and boxes of family photographs transported her to historic points in time: early generations enjoying the Greek countryside, family members proudly wearing their Greek or American military uniforms, and young American immigrants working in cafes and restaurants. Of course, some of her favorite images were the glamour shots from the 1940s! Her family just loved taking photos!

A civil engineer and business analyst by education, Demmye left corporate America to pursue her life-long interest in photography. Extensive trips to Greece, Italy, and Mexico add distinctive images to her body of work. In 2008, 2009 and 2011, she had multiple images selected for the San Diego County Fair’s Exhibition of Photography, an international juried event where three of her images received Honorable Mention.